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Brick Breakthrough Out Now

We're happy to announce that Brick Breakthrough is officially out for free on Kongregate. We will now plan future releases on other platforms like and maybe Steam.

Currently the game features 5 levels, from a very easy to a hard difficulty level. We also plan to add 20 + levels in future updates. We're just checking out how the game is received and played in the next weeks.

We would highly appreciate a rating on Kongregate so we can be featured on their page. We need at least 50 in the next few days.

We want to thank everyone who contributed in finishing this project. We've had a lot of obstacles on the road but today we stand victorious.

A shout out to the udemy dev group for the support and feedback.

Game can be played now at:

From the both of us here at Sirius Gaming, have a great rest of a week and may our game bring some enjoyment in your daily activities.

Thank you

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