Brick Breakthrough August Update - The last 10%


We know we've missed some updates, we just waited until we have something to show. The last 10% is mostly dealing with bugs, code and importing final art.

Even if I look at the project as "finished" there's always something to do. If you would had asked be one month ago if it's finished I would say "yeah, sure, just some finishing touches and that's it" . Well... apparently finishing touches are taking longer then other parts of development.

We've had a very constructive closed beta session so we're making the final adjustments. Also working on a trailer.

A draft of the start screen is ready: (We're not ready with the buttons though. We're still discussing what to add there)

The new PowerupScreen:

All new Achievements beta screen:

All in all, we have had a lot of bugs fixed and we're doing a new way on how the tutorial is presented. We don't wish to stop you from playing to present a bit of text. We're working on making this integrated into the game play.

We'll be back with updates.


SiriusGaming Team

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