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Brick Breakthrough Week 4 Dev Log


It's been a great 2 weeks with a lot of improvements in game play and graphics and we're getting closer to a beta stage where everyone can try out 5 levels. We hope to get a lot of feedback so we can build on that.

The biggest change is the powerup system. We've changed from the classic mechanic of having powerups fall from the bricks to a consumable system.

Each brick and paddle hit gives you points. These points can be spent on powerups.

In it's current phase each powerup has a key assigned to it, from 1 to 0 (Tab button changes page). Also each one has a cost and a modifier on points gained during it's effect.

In the next week we'll be focusing on adding these powerups as unlockables during levels.

We also plan to publish videos of this process on Sirius Gaming Studio youtube channel.

We'll be in touch :)

Thank you

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