Brick Breakthrough July Update


July has started and we're very close for a demo release. We will be launching it on and the full version on later this summer.

We have a new physics system, new passives and new art.

Our latest addition is a tutorial level for all you newcomers to the genre .

We've also moved all the powerups and stats at the bottom of the screen. Art is not yet in it's final form.

Things we've added since last update:

- New Powerup System where you can purchase abilities before each level with COINS (gathered in game)

- New Passives System - These happen all the time and affect how powerups work.

- Level Selection Screen

- Extra brick Types

- New Level Layout

- Bug Fixes.

Things we're working on this week:

- Achievements system. You can unlock new ball and paddle types.

- New Main Menu - We want this to be interactive (Placeholder Art!)

- Create and Secure a good save system. We predict that this will only be available for the PC version.

- Hire Marketing intern so we can efficiently speak with you guys.

Our Twitter and Facebook pages will become live in the next few days.

Thank you

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