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Brick Breakthrough July Update 2 - Release news


We have some great news and updates with our next game.

Firstly, since Steam direct is in effect this summer we're aiming for a steam release of the full game.

Current Release Roadmap:

July->Closed Beta (Contact us for a copy)

August -> Demo Release on

September->Full release on and Steam

This also means we'll be adding a some cool new features like controller support, in house created soundtracks, sounds and assets. Nothing in this game was purchased separately.

Let's begin with July update 2

New Level Layout

New Dashboard system and animations - For the pages where you enable/purchase powerups, passives, level select, achievements.

(Disclaimer - still non-final art, we're working daily on these to make them as perfect as we can)

Objectives for this week:

- Re-analyse and finish all art in its final form.

- Finish the interactive Main Menu, we've made some changes since last week. This will now feature intractable and animated floating options like "Tutorial" "New Game" "Continue" "Settings" etc.

- Fixing bugs - of course, nothing is better then writing down a list of bugs at your morning coffee

- Finish Tutorial Level.

- We would really like to post our first teaser video so keep an eye out for that on our facebook page

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